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Artist Title Instruments Release
Eitlean The Devil Set pipes and whistles Album
Nicky Kealy My Kind of Music pipes and whistles Album
Willin’ Fools Fallin’ for Your Charms pipes, bodhran and whistles Album
Willin’ Fools Easter Voyages pipes, bodhran and whistles Album
Willin’ Fools Leaving Lucy pipes, bodhran and whistles Album
Ian Callanan Music in our Liturgies pipes and whistles Album
ABII alpromotional material pipes, bodhran and whistles Single

A picture of DArragh playing the pipes on stage. About Uilleann Piper Darragh Ó Héiligh

Internationally recognised multi-instrumentalist Darragh Ó Héiligh is particularly renowned as an Uilleann Piper. He is a sought after and welcome presence at sessions and formal performances all over Ireland.

Darragh comes from a very strong musical background. his great grandmother along with her family started the first traditional Irish group of its kind in the north east with a picture showing them playing just outside Drogheda in 1926.

Playing music since before he started school, Darragh began like most children with the whistle. However, a chance encounter with a master of Uilleann Piping Mick O’Brian was to change his musical direction permanently. Darragh was instantly enthralled by the full and powerful sound of the pipes and by age seven he had started taking regular lessons. IN addition to Mick O’Brian, Darragh has been fortunate to learn from pipers such as Gay McKeon and Finbarr Fury. He is continually inspired by the playing of pipers such as Tommy Reck, Paddy Keenan and Sean Potts.

Darragh is currently performing as a soloist, with the group Distillery Lane (pipes, fiddle and guitar) and the group Lir (pipes, fiddle, cello and piano). Videos can be found on this site.

When not performing Darragh runs many innovative projects.

  • Ceol FM listen to traditional Irish music at any time of the day or night from anywhere in the world for free.
  • Music at the Gate A community event based on music where traditional Irish musicians, singers and dancers perform in front of the iconic Laurence’s gate in Drogheda.

Contact Darragh to arrange a unique and personalized performance.

Darragh can also provide amplification for groups of up to 16 concurrent musicians to suit indoor or outside small or medium size venues. High quality recording equipment and production is also available.